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“Chance favors only the prepared mind.”
-Louis Pasteur






























































































































































To sum it up, Ronica helped me to shine. The application process to the business school of my choice didn’t seem to be a daunting task until I came across the essay section. Ronica didn’t just proof read the essays - she took the time to guide me through the correct thought process, which allowed me to take our discussions and apply them to my work. Ronica's keen insights and her calm, level-headed approach helped me to nail the essays! I am proud to say I have been accepted into MSU Eli Broad School of Business and feel I could not have done this without Ronica in my corner. I highly recommend her and anyone would be privileged to work with her.

-Chrs M., MBA Candidate, Michigan State University Broad School of Business, East Lansing, MI

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Ronica provided truly outstanding assistance during my interview preparation for Harvard Business School. Her thorough review of my entire application coupled with an arsenal of penetrating interview questions and keen guidance allowed me to step up my game well beyond the level required for my actual interview. I felt that I clearly improved after each session, which most importantly culminated in a confidence to deliver my message with both strong content and style. Ronica significantly improved my likelihood of success. She has my highest recommendation.

- Ross L., MBA Candidate, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA


Ronica didn’t just work to ensure my essays were well-written, lucid and entertaining, she helped me develop my voice which carried through to all of my business school applications. I can confidently say I became a stronger writer working with her. When I received my invitation to interview with Sloan I knew I required the same type of guidance to develop my speaking voice. I witnessed a personal transformation over a week of interview sessions in which my confidence increased, my answers flowed more easily and my nerves eased. Her process prepared me to walk into my MIT Sloan interview with confidence, knowing that I possessed what it would take to gain entrance into the Sloan MBA program. Her help made me a stronger candidate and played a major role in gaining admittance to the Sloan MBA Class of 2012. She has my highest recommendation and anyone in my shoes would be lucky to work with her.

- Josh R., MBA Candidate, MIT Sloan School of Management, Boston, MA

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I recently worked with Ronica on preparing a speech for a young women's leadership conference. Thanks to Ronica's insights and feedback on my speech, the presentation was a great success. Her expertise in crafting speeches and polishing the presentation is truly next to none. I highly recommend Ronica and her services.

- Christie Garton, Author and Founder & President, University Chic Media


Ronica has a unique perspective and can look at the "whole" picture. From personal experience, Ronica has helped me navigate around roadblocks and into avenues leading toward a professionally satisfying journey. All the while her positive suggestions and outlook kept a calm focus on the desired outcomes. For those looking for a professional guide, one whom represents them with the utmost in dedication, ability, understanding, incite and perseverance, Ronica can help get you where you want to go.

- Dr. Rob Danoff, MSN Health Expert

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Consulting with Ronica was essential to my success with the business school application process. Ronica’s interview prep coupled with insightful essay analysis ensured that my application put my best foot forward. Her tireless support and counsel brought my application to a new level. I am proud to say that I am a first year student at Harvard Business School, and I wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for her professional insight.

- Patrick C., MBA Candidate, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA


Competing in pageants can be very draining and difficult, especially the interview portion. I realized that I needed to focus my skills, as well as work on my technique. Ronica was the perfect solution! With her experience and expertise, she helped me to become a confident and strong interviewer, as well as master all aspects of competition. Not only that, her support and encouraging attitude kept me motivated and allowed me to follow my dream to the Miss New Jersey crown. Ronica is truly a master at communications, and a very intelligent woman.

- Ashley Shaffer, Miss New Jersey 2009

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Ronica carefully edited my graduate school entrance essays. Aside from developing a natural flow in the construction of my essays, she provided guidance on how to write without having any wasted words or space. Ronica was very prompt and had a very good follow up with me. We were able to finish editing all of my essays within only two weeks. I really enjoyed working with Ronica and hope to do so again in the near future.

- Maya F., MBA Candidate, Fordham University Business School, New York City, NY


Like many aspiring authors, I was frustrated with the book publication process--until I met Ronica. Before Ronica helped me, I endured a constant state of rejected query letters, proposals, and negative agent feedback; however, after she worked her magic I landed a publishing contract within 3 months. Highly recommended!

- Wes Gray, Author, EMBEDDED: A Marine Adviser Inside the Iraqi Army, Chicago, IL

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Moving from a teaching to a management position can be a difficult transition. Ronica helped me to refocus my application materials so that I could demonstrate my ability to make the switch.

- Marvin R., Assistant to the Executive Director, Teach for America, Los Angeles, CA


You are the definition of socially competent and the first academic I've met who has the best of both worlds.

- Robert K., Student, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

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Ronica played an instrumental role in my acceptance to the Foster Business School at the University of Washington. She provided me with a rare insight as to what the MBA admission's board was looking for. She also worked with me on a tight schedule to ensure that I met my deadlines. I am very grateful for the work she put into my essays and I know her expertise and diligence helped to set me apart when my application was reviewed.

- James S., Structural Engineer, Boeing BCA, Seattle, WA
MBA Candidate, Foster Business School, University of Washington


Thank you for giving me the drive and ambition to become a better speaker. It will help enhance everything I do in life.

- Daniel C., Student, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

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Ronica is a wonderful help to this stressful internship hunting time in my life. Her calm, yet assertive attitude helps me feel confident in what I am submitting to a potential employer. I will definitely recommend her to others. I cannot imagine what other students in my position are doing without her help.

- Audra L., Radio Intern, Wired 96.5, Philadelphia, PA

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Ronica makes every woman in the audience feel like she is talking right to her. She is professional yet approachable and speaks from a “make good decisions” perspective. That message can be powerful for the 18-21 year old audience, where sometimes desires and commonsense don’t always meet. Ronica engaged and empowered the Penn Panhellenic community, encouraging them make positive and values based decisions. I couldn’t be happier with the program!

- Stacy A. Kraus, Associate Director, Office of Student Affairs/Fraternity and Sorority Life, University of Pennsylvania


Ronica spoke about business etiquette during our signature Basic Training for Business event series. She worked with our office to tailor a presentation that specifically fit the needs of our student body. Her presentation was eloquent, informative and highly engaging, with several students staying afterwards to ask her expert opinions on matter of business etiquette. We are looking forward to working with her again for next year’s event.

- Gavin McCullion, Program Coordinator, College Relations, Drexel University's LeBow College of Business

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Thank you so much for coming to speak to the Panhellenic community at Penn State. Your speech really resonated with the young women, and I am so grateful that you were able to speak for us! Other schools would be lucky to hear you speak.

-Hannah Bermann, Panhellenic Community Member & Event Organizer, Pennsylvania State University


Ronica was a true professional! Her consistent pre-event communication helped build a virtual relationship before we were able to meet in person! Once on-site we couldn't have asked for better. Ronica delivered an engaging, impassioned, and powerful speech aimed at a diverse audience, ages 18-78! I would work with her again for any audience.

- Karyn Nishimura Sneath, 2008-2010 National Vice President for Programming, Sigma Kappa Sorority

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Ronica was an inspiring keynote at our event. She not only connected with the graduating students, but also with the parents and guests in attendance. I highly recommend Ronica for her professionalism, technique and ability.

- Effie Zell, Juvenile Conference Committee Coordinator, Burlington County NJ


As the keynote speaker at the Volunteer Center's Youth Service Initiative Conference and Expo, Ronica spoke eloquently on the significance of volunteerism/community service while introducing a video she created promoting youth volunteerism. This well done video features young people describing, in their own words, what volunteerism means to them. She addressed high school student leaders, student advisors and managers of volunteers. Ronica's ability to connect with people, of all ages, makes her a wonderful ambassador for the Volunteer Center. She thoughtfully and passionately conveys that volunteerism is an essential part of community life.

- Mike Pippin, Coordinator, Volunteer Center of Burlington County, Pemberton, NJ

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Thank you for being our guest speaker for our orientation session. We were taken by your poise and eloquence, and are grateful for the valuable advice you shared based on your personal experiences and success. You are a most-eloquent speaker, a wonderful listener, and you truly covered everything in a concise and enjoyable fashion. "Thank you" doesn't even begin to express how much I appreciate your doing this. We look forward to welcoming you back next year!

- Elizabeth Borowsky, Chairman, Greater Baltimore's Regional Junior Miss Scholarship Program, Baltimore, MD


[Ronica] was the best presenter that has come to St. Mark's for the "Making It Count" program.

- Gene A., Principle, St. Mark's High School, Making It Count Program

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Ronica was an excellent presenter - had spunk & personality that kept the students' attention.  Can't say enough about how Ronica connected with the audience.

- Diane R., Director of Guidance, Delaware County Technical High School


[Ronica] was a "breath of fresh air" - vibrant - rich - moving - great!

- Judy B., Director of Guidance, St. Hubert's Catholic High School for Girls


[Ronica] did such an AMAZING presentation and was truly spellbinding!

- Lucia S., Teacher, Rosa International Middle School

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